Why Your Gums Bleed And Why Its’ Not A Terrible Thing

If you listen closely your gums are trying to communicate with you. They will tell you if they are happy or sad. They will let you know how you are treating them if you just pay attention.

On a daily basis you are probably doing something in an attempt to keep your mouth healthy. You either brush or floss or do both daily. During each of those activities there is a signal being sent out to tell you how well you have done. The most significant one being bleeding.

Now, the question is; are bleeding gums a good or bad thing? Well the answer isn’t as obvious as you think. We as dental professionals look at it as if your body is sending you a message, and trying to communicate with you that your gums need attention. From a communication aspect it’s great because it’s like a big red flare being sent out during a distress call asking for help.

Your gums are bleeding because something is not normal. Here is a list of the major causes of bleeding gums:

• Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, usually caused by bacteria in plaque build-up. Can lead to periodontitis if untreated.
• Periodontitis – serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth.
• Pregnancy – hormonal changes that cause gums to become sensitive and bleed
• Medication – people on blood thinners that have difficulty with blood clotting
• Vitamin K deficiency – factor in the clotting process
• Leukemia – alteration of immune system.

If your gums bleed during regular flossing and brushing the first thing to do is up the oral hygiene for 2 weeks. Floss, brush, and rinse twice daily for two-minutes per session. Note the order, floss, brush, then rinse. We floss first to dislodge food and disrupt the bacterial plaque between your teeth. Flossing will clean the 40% of tooth structure between your teeth. Brushing can clean the remaining 60%. Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash finishes it all up with its antibacterial properties. After 2 weeks of good oral hygiene as explained above and your gums are still bleeding, please see your dentist or physician.

Bleeding gums are not so terrible; they are a sign that something is going on. The idea is simple, if a part of your body is reacting abnormally, in this case bleeding gums you need to know why. Listen to the messages your body sends out, because in most instants there’s an easy solution. Floss, brush, and rinse on a regular basis and the change will appear. Create a disciplined consistent habit of good oral hygiene and your gums will reply back by staying silent.

Seriously, Flossing?

Well, the modern idea of dental floss is only two centuries old. In 1819 Levi Spear Parmly of New Orleans was the first dentist credited with inventing the first form of floss. Floss wasn’t even commercially available until 1882 in the form of silk. And now Flossmor has been invented in 2017.

Floss, floss, floss is what you hear dentist say every time you visit them for your 6-month oil change, I mean dental cleaning. Well here is the reason why, the tight contacts between your teeth happen to trap food, plaque, and whatever else you put in your mouth. Trapped food over a long period; like at night, combined with a wet, warm, dark environment is asking for bacteria to marinate and grow rapidly. Pretty much brushing without flossing is like showering without scrubbing the nooks and crannies of your body.

Extensive growth of yummy bacteria over a long period will lead to increased acidity levels in the mouth. This acidity level (pH – 5.5) when reached will start the breakdown of healthy tooth structure, which becomes a cavity.

Our dental team has recommended flossing before you hit the sack. Going to sleep is our longest rest period and our mouth in that state is most stagnant. We have less saliva flow which helps to maintain our pH and we swallow less leaving for a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish.
The solution is simple “get the food out”. If the world can get the food out before bed, or whenever they feel food is stuck, cavities would not be as prevalent.
Created by dental professionals, Flossmor provides a tool to make flossing a part of our everyday life. Flossmor has come up with an innovative approach of how floss is stored, dispensed, and presented. Flossmor gives an environmental trigger to help evoke a healthy habit. After 24 hours of non-usage the blue light bezel will flash reminding us to do the necessary. With its small footprint, Flossmor stays present on your countertop. Flossmor’s technology can dispense floss hands-free to allow for a coiled piece of premeasured floss into your hands. If it’s in your hands you will use it. It prevent waste and cross-contamination. What’s left is a clean and healthy mouth that enjoys being cavity free. Live more, be more, Flossmor.